Why you need motivation in your life

This is my first post on this blog, and if you are interested in reading why I started this website and brief history into my past, you can check out My Story page.

To recap, I was neck deep in depression, and sometimes I spent hours just staring at the walls, too tired to do anything at all.

What was the reason for this? Well, there we two things, I got into engineering and I hated every second of it. But the primary reason was that my girlfriend in college (who meant the world to me), dumped me right after our graduation.

Now when I think of it, they were possibly the two most absurd causes for my depression. But at that time, it was equivalent to falling from the 10th floor. At that time, I only had two options.


First, was the easier choice. I could have continued to stay in my pit and eventually wait for the day I die. The second choice was to realize what I was feeling and do something about it. It is obvious that I went with the second option, but it took an incredible amount of effort to change.

One of the core things that helped me overcome this self-imposed depression pit was motivation. One day I decided to watch a TED talk video, and that completely changed my perspective. It was also the day that I decided that I would watch a motivational video every day for the next 30 days. For 30 days this was the first thing after waking up, and it that one month had an enormous impact on my mind.

You see motivation is essential for all human beings. We constantly need to be motivated if we want to achieve something, if we went to accomplish our goals or if we simply want to lead a happy life. I won’t go in-depth behind the physiological implications that motivation has in our life, but here are few significant benefits of motivation: –

  • It paints a positive picture in our mind.
  • It helps us to stay in constant touch with our ‘motive’.
  • It leads to secretion of feel-good hormones like ‘dopamine’.
  • It takes your mind away from the negativity

Let’s talk about the aforementioned points in detail –

  1. Motivation helps us create a picture of the life we want to live. This picture is incredibly powerful and brings enormous amounts of positivity in your life. But you have to be careful though as sometimes it can also lead to vague thoughts. So it is better to focus on a particular type.
  2. Specific type essentially means the motive or the goal that you are focused on. For me at the time, the only motive was to get out of depression. Similarly, for you, the motive could be to make more money or lose weight. So I highly recommend you to stick to your motive.
  3. Now when the picture of your desired state keeps on playing in your head, your body secretes hormones that have a positive effect on your state of mind and encourages you to take action.
  4. Finally, motivation plays a major role in keeping the negativity at bay. When I was in the depression, I was constantly drawn to the negative side of things. This hampers growth and takes you towards inaction.

Now that you have developed a brief understanding of how motivation works it is highly recommended to constantly find motivational videos. Granted there are tons of things that can motivate you, but videos are the easiest resources that you can find. So here is how you should do it, commit to yourself that you are going to watch a video every day for the next thirty days. Find videos related to your motive and watch them after you wake up and before you sleep.

No matter what you want to achieve in life, motivation will prove to be the fuel for your journey.

To your Successes,

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