Motivation gets you Started, Habit Keeps You Going

In the last article, we explained how motivation works and how it proves to be fuel in your journey towards the desired ‘motive.’ In this article, we discuss the necessity of ‘habit formation’ in your life.

It has been rightly said that without forming habits, you won’t be amounting to much in life. Consider my case; my life was knocked down due to depression and motivation seemed the only option that would take me out of it. But initially I watched random videos, and they had a very temporary effect. So I decided to watch videos continuously for one month.

Focus on your Goals

This was the first habit I formed. After about 15 days, I felt positive when I woke up and looked forward towards the day. Even now, the first thing I do in the morning is read or watch something positive. My mind has formed a habit of starting the day on a positive note, come what may.

Humans are habitual creatures and our mind continuously develops habits. Most of the times we don’t realize it, but connections are formed in our brain that leads to happiness. For example, if you are overweight, chances are you have a habit of feasting on junk food or late night snacking. When you feast on junk or fattening food, you mind associates that with happiness, even if you know that the food you are eating essentially harms your body. Your mind formed a connection between junk food and happiness, and this resulted in a habit of eating junk food.

If you are on this website, the chances are that habits you have, do more harm than good. Don’t take this in a negative way. The system today, in my opinion, forces us to fall prey to such habits. But this can be changed by careful evaluation.

Theoretically habits of a person can be modified through positive and negative reinforcement. Studies have shown that negative reinforcement has a much faster impact, but it makes you vulnerable to other issues. Positive reinforcement takes its time, but if done correctly it has a lasting effect.

This concept was explained to me by my Astrologer. I know this sounds absurd, but while I was moving out of depression, I consulted an astrologer and the corrective action he took helped me a lot. He was a firm believer that astrology can only alter the energies around you, and if you don’t make an effort on your own, nothing major is going to change. He also follows a relatively new method of astrology, which seems perfect for the 21st century. You can check all about it on Lal Kitab Remedies.

So, now let’s move into the habits and how you can form them. For that let’s move to the concept of motive. For the sake of the argument, let’s say you are planning to lose weight. So you have watched tons of videos that have motivated you but are still not doing anything. So how do you change that? Well, let’s say you form a habit of going for a run before you have your breakfast. And you do so every day, right after you watch your video. Early morning runs, can have an incredible impact on the body metabolism. This habit will help you in two ways. First, the run will help you burn fat and second; the realization that you worked on your problem early in the day will have a positive impact throughout your day.

Similarly, you can form habits in other areas of your life too.

And yes, when you are working on positive reinforcement, I would also suggest you to work on your harmful habits like smoking. The greater self-awareness you have towards your negative habits, greater are your chances to overcome them.

So I guess, motivation and habits go hand in hand and are crucial towards your path to success.

To your success,

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